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  • Dan Cayer

    Dan Cayer

    Meditation + Alexander Technique teacher. Author of “Don’t Get Better,” forthcoming guide to sanity, humor, and wisdom during illness. dancayer.co

  • Heather Seely

    Heather Seely

    conscious content creatress & self-proclaimed wild woman. www.heatherseely.com

  • Sandra Newsome

    Sandra Newsome

  • Neerali Parag

    Neerali Parag

  • Brenda Keller

    Brenda Keller

    Software coach showing others that software is easy to learn.

  • Debbie Ginnie

    Debbie Ginnie

    Reimagining what constitutes a good life in the second half of life

  • Tanja Hummel

    Tanja Hummel

  • Heather Jo Flores

    Heather Jo Flores

    Farmer by day, writer by night. #foodnotlawns #permaculturewomen #freepermaculture. 100+ FREE online classes for writers and gardeners! www.heatherjoflores.com

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